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Celebrity Facials
The most effective Celebrity Facials in Los Angeles

Skilled makeup artists and good lighting aren’t the only things that make models, actresses and celebrities look flawless. The most important thing behind gorgeous looking skin is an excellent skincare routine. Without a perfect canvas, there are no perfect results. If you want that “celebrity glow” you need to visit our spa in West Hollywood. Our celebrity facials are proven to better your skin and have you feeling happy and confident.

We are your experienced beauticians in Los Angeles! Why should you book your celebrity facial with us?

  • We use the newest methods in the market
  • The most effective and high-standard products, that actually work
  • Individual consultations to match your skin’s needs
  • Innovative techniques and effective treatments to find the solution for every problem

Marc Edward Spa in West Hollywood offers you:

  • Convenient opening hours
  • Fully trained therapists
  • The most modern equipment (30 facial machines under one roof) on the market
  • Tasteful design
  • Spotless environment & high hygienic standards
  • Private, deeply relaxing and discreet atmosphere
  • Free street-side parking for 2 hours during your visit

Want to know more about the best celebrity facials in Los Angeles? Get in touch and book your appointment here.

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